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Our products cover more than 55 countries and regions in Central Asia and the Middle East, Eastern Europe, West Africa, East Africa, South America, etc.

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The company is willing to "high-quality products, perfect service" sincerely look forward to working with you to create brilliant!

  • Strict Quality Control

    Strict Quality Control

    Strict quality control in production line and inspection labs, tested by third party.

  • High Production Efficiency

    High Production Efficiency

    Professional workers, technicians, R&D personnel, and a good life from that attitude.

  • Safe Packaging And Loading

    Safe Packaging And Loading

    Adopt 5 bands *5 bands High-grade export packaging.

  • Competitive Price

    Competitive Price

    Factory direct sales, Competitive price and one-stop service.

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    Domestic and foreign markets
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    2 galvanized steel lines and 3 color-coated steel lines
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    R&D, technology, workers, administration
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    Specializing in Steel business
  • QUV - The world's most widely used aging testing machine, ultraviolet light causes photodegradation of durable materials exposed to the outdoors. The QUV test machine's ULTRAVIOLET fluorescent lamp simulates the critical shortwave ultraviolet (UV) light to realistically reproduce the physical damage caused by sunlight.
  • MIKROTEST coating thickness tester, measurement of all non-magnetic coating on steel coating thickness (such as paint, powder coating, plastic, zinc, copper, tin, etc.). The measurement is fast, accurate and non-destructive, MikroTest has become a widely used automatic determination of coating thickness of the special instrument for more than thirty years. German "know-how" shows that he has the highest standard of magnetic coating thickness gauge in terms of technology and accuracy. All instruments comply with DIN, ISO and ASTM standards.
    Paint Test
  • Thickness test is used to measure the thickness of material and object. In industrial production, it is often used to measure the thickness of products continuously or by sampling (such as steel plate, strip, film, paper, metal foil, etc.).
    Thickness Test
  • Test the salt spray resistance of coated steel coil
    Salt Spray Test
  • Test the color difference of multiple colored coated steel coils.
  • The purpose of the bending test of the coating is to detect the flexibility of the film. It is one of the important items to evaluate the physical properties of the coated steel plate coating by measuring the crack resistance or peeling resistance of the coating when the specimen is bending. Many of the coated substrates have a certain deformability, so the coatings are also required to have a corresponding flexible fit. After the curing, the bending test of the coating is performed by bending the sample 180° around itself, and then attaching a transparent tape along the curved surface, peeling the tape while removing the air bubbles, and then quickly tearing off the curved surface in a direction of 60°. For the tape, visually observe whether the curved surface of the coating is cracked or peeled off (no peeling of the coating within 10 mm from the edge). Determine the minimum thickness multiple of the sample that does not cause cracking or shedding of the coating.
  • Falling ball impact testing machine is suitable for plastic, ceramic, acrylic, glass, lens, hardware and other products of impact strength test.
    Impact Test
  • Test the hardness of color coated steel coil.
    Hardness Test
  • Test water immersion resistance of color coated steel coil.
    Constant Temperature Water Bath Test
  • Test the resistance of color coated coil coating to organic solvent.
    Solution Resistance Wipe Test
  • Test wear resistance of color coated steel coil
    Sander Test
  • Measure the gloss degree of colored coated steel coil.
    Gloss test
  • Test the high temperature resistance of color coated steel coil.
    High temperature oven
  • Test the resistance of color coated steel coil to moisture and heat.
    Constant temperature and humidity testing machine
  • View the texture of color coated steel coil. Especially for PPGI, MATT, WOODEN, etc.
    Miniature microscope
  • Our lab.
    Our lab

Latest News

  • About color coated steel coil /prepainted steel coil structure

    About color coated steel coil /prepainted steel coil structure

    The failure process of color-coated steel plate is shown in the figure above. Coating failure, coating failure and perforation of steel plate are the key corrosion processes. Therefore, increasing the thickness of coating and using weathering and corrosion resistant coating are the most effective means to prevent corrosion failure of color coated steel plate.
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  • Factors affecting the use of PPGI steel coil

    Factors affecting the use of PPGI steel coil

    The anticorrosive effect of building color coating products is the combination of coating, pretreatment film and coating (primer, top paint and back paint), which directly affects its service life. From the anticorrosion mechanism of color coating, organic coating is a kind of isolation material, which isolates the substrate from the corrosive medium to achieve the purpose of anticorrosion.
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  • The use environment of color-coated steel coil

    The use environment of color-coated steel coil

    Sunlight is electromagnetic wave, according to the energy and frequency of the level is divided into gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwave and radio waves. The ULTRAVIOLET spectrum (UV) belongs to the high frequency radiation, which is more destructive than the low energy spectrum.
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